Mangaia is reputed to be the oldest island in the Pacific Ocean, dating back 16million years. This is a place which has been forgotten by tourism and when you visit, it is likely that you will be the only foreign visitor on the island. Take a step back from the pace of the western world and recharge your batteries in a place where the loudest sound you will encounter will be the waves crashing right outside your door.

The island itself is ringed by ancient coral which has weathered over its many years of existence to create intricate cave systems, some of which have not been explored for hundreds of years. The coral extends right down to the water’s edge meaning there are no white sandy beaches here. The centre of the island is ringed by fossilized coral cliffs which drop dramatically into a volcanic plateau filled with wetland areas, fertile plantations and a small lake you can visit! From the ancient caves to the perfectly blue ocean, Mangaia has it all for the nature-lover and explorer.


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