About Us

The Austin Experience is a creation of passions. Passion for travel, passion for sharing experiences and passion for finding new destinations in the world to inspire people. The idea of The Austin Experience formed in the minds of its creators, Dave & Jay Austin, during an extended stay in Northern Thailand on the balcony of an apartment with a view to the mountains beyond the city of Chiang Mai. After seeing tourist coaches essentially bypass this wonderful city, the thought was “Why don’t more people stop to experience all that this city has to offer? They’re missing out!”

Dave Austin The Austin Experience

Experience is an addiction for Dave who is always looking for the next adventure. Bringing a zany and fun feeling to The Austin Experience tours, Dave loves to share his experiences with his customers. From a very young age Dave was inspired to travel but if you ask him today he will tell you that he never expected to see as much of the world as he has to date and that he is incredibly fortunate to live his life on the road.

The Austin Experience gives Dave a means to share his experiences with the world and to follow a line of work that doesn’t feel like work at all! His job is to get lost in as many new places as he can in order to find the hidden delights of each new city he visits. Always armed with his camera, Dave’s creative side is nourished with the ability to photograph all that he sees and share those captured moments with the world.

Jay Austin The Austin Experience

Jay is known for her ‘harebrained schemes’ and takes great pleasure in putting them into action. On a normal day you will find Jay attached to her laptop on a balcony, in whatever location they are living in at the time, working away. Jay loves working – some call it strange, but she calls it passion. Founding The Austin Experience with her husband has allowed her to enrich her life through travel and to achieve some of the multitude of dreams swirling around in her head.

Jay loves making new friends and working with The Austin Experience has allowed her to extend that network of friends to include travellers from around the world. When building The Austin Experience packages, Jay is sure to keep it local and is passionate about working closely with the communities in which The Austin Experience promotes tourism.